Stirling Tastes Good


Organised with Stirling Enterprise, with the intention of celebrating the best food & drink from Stirlingshire, the Stirling Tastes Good (STG) Festival ran from 21ST - 24TH June at the 2012 Royal Highland Show.

I produced the branding for STG, creating a strong conceptual platform for the brand. This in turn allowed for a clear concept to base the design of the site on. When approaching the build, I used CSS font-face rules to load web-fonts, remain on-brand, and keep page load times down.

Maypole Energy


Maypole Energy presented a unique challenge - how to make a site that appealed both to investors and those with an interest in renewable energy. The site also needed to wow, showcasing the brand and what it's capable of. It also needed to be easy to update without needing any knowledge of web design.

Starting with the open-source Wordpress CMS, I built a progressive, modern website that used responsive design to fit perfectly to all device sizes from mobile to desktop.

Denvir Marketing


To support their rebrand, I designed and built a new website for Denvir Marketing. Using design concepts I had developed for their print work, I produced an elegant, responsive site. A bespoke Wordpress theme allowed for easy updates, whilst maintaining a strong brand identity. Using web fonts served from, the site was able to stay on-brand across multiple platforms.

Logson Group


I was asked to perform a visual refresh of the Logson Group website, creating a more visually appealing design, whilst also ensuring the proposed design was feasible within the scope of the existing Content Management System. The resulting design was intended to be more suited to mobile/ finger navigation, to support the increased number of mobile users the site was seeing. I observed good UX practice, ensuring that all primary links were easy to use with a touchscreen.

McIntosh Ready Meals


To tie-in with a new advertising campaign, I designed and built a new McIntosh website - initially creating it as a static site, then later redeveloping it as a Content Managed site. New additions included a Flash based main banner area, that included a static image as a fall-back - ensuring maximum compatibility across browsers and devices.

Manage Golf Booking System

I was approached by NetMedia Systems to design a front-end for their Golf Booking System. Designed for touchscreen devices placed in the clubhouse, the application would allow customers to login to their accounts and manage their bookings. The system was intended to be easy to use, employing skeumorphic design principles to help the customers relate to it.

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